Repeat prescriptions will be issued at the doctors discretion.

Requests for prescriptions:

  • Please use the tear-off section on the right hand side of your last prescription.
    Tick the items you require.
  • There are blank repeat prescription forms at reception for you to use as an alternative. Please make sure you fill in all the information needed on these forms.
  • Fax your requirements. Again, with all the relevant information.
  • You can also order repeat prescriptions online - see below.

Please note that a repeat prescription takes 48 hours to process. Therefore make sure you request your medication in advance.

Periodically you will be asked to see either the doctor or nurse to check that your repeat medication is correct; a general check-up will also be given at this appointment.

We also offer Electronic Prescribing. Electronic prescribing is where you nominate a chemist of your choice. You then order your repeat prescription in the usual way and then you will be able to pick it up after 24 hours at the chemist you have nominated. This system can not be used if you have certain controlled drugs on your prescription. Check with the chemist or surgery first. To nominate a chemist you can pick up a form at either the surgery or the chemist you are going to nominate. If you have any questions please ask at reception.

Patient Services - MyVision

Manage your healthcare provision online

We have introduced a new service called Patient Services. This will let you interact with our practice using the Internet at your convenience, even when we are closed. You will be able to book appointments, cancel appointments, and request medication using this service. If you have nominated a chemist under the Electronic Prescribing Service, once you order your repeat medication using the on line service your medication will be ready to pick up from your nominated chemist after 48 hours.

You will need to register with the practice to access this service, and once registered you will be given information that will enable you to create your username and password.

If you are interested in this service, please fill in the online form, or come in to the surgery and ask at reception for an information sheet and password.

CLICK HERE if you already signed up and have your login details.

click here for online access

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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! Temple Pharmacy Ltd